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What to Expect When Attending the Old Ambulance Depot Events

The Old Ambulance Depot (OAD) art events have been held in different venues across Edinburgh each year since 2011. There are a number of different things to see and do at these events. For example, you can join art displays and have the chance to look at all different exhibits. If you have a real passion for art, you can also volunteer to judge the pieces from the shows.

What to Expect

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At the OAD events, you can expect the area to be filled with many types of art exhibits such as:





You can expect new and talented artists come to the Old Ambulance Depot events to get noticed for their work as well as make their art more popular. These events are a great way for artists to become well known because many different people can find out who the artists are as well as show interest in other pieces of work they have done previously.

Old Ambulance Depot Locations

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Each year the location of these Depot events change. The Art Shows take place across Edinburgh and East Sussex. The most popular place for this event is in Edinburgh and one of the most used venues is the ARTrabit. These shows are popular because they give artists a chance to show large groups of people the work they have designed as well as get to see what other artists have designed.

Other Popular Art Shows

Edinburgh is one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland. Many people come to Edinburgh because there are loads of opportunities to see different art shows, view art exhibits in museums and go to many other events.