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Ways Marketing Techniques Help Businesses: The Ambulance Depot

This year at the Ambulance Depot event, many more people showed up than they did in the previous events to see all the different art pieces on display. This is all thanks to the use of marketing in our business and the ways that marketing techniques really helped us become better known. A number of techniques and strategies are available for marketing purposes which help companies become well known. Our events became more popular by using the following marketing techniques:

  • Social media
  • Website design
  • Identifying targets
  • Email Campaigns

When it comes to making your business better received by the public, marketing companies are the best people to go to. They are able to help you find the best ways that you can improve your company. Over the years a lot of people have been joining us at our art events. However, there are many people who have missed out each year as they didn’t know about our exhibits. Due to marketing techniques, we found that more and more people have begun to take an interest in joining out art shows.

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Marketing Techniques in Social Media Campaigns


Social media campaigns worked well with making our events well received by many. As many people use social apps and sites these are great ways to promote events. Having a social media page is beneficial for websites as it gives you a chance to be able to reach out to more customers who are interested in what you have to offer. People that like art began to follow our posts and kept up to date with the information we posted from the Ambulance Depot. This also helped alert people to the upcoming events we were having as gave them details of where the shows would take place and the times of the events. This also means that we can get feedback from people to make our events better and improve our services.

Marketing Website Design

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Another way that marketing helped the Old Ambulance Depot is through the use of website design. Before we got into using marketing our website was neglected. With all the other things we had to do it was a lot to try and keep up with the maintenance of our site which made it less useful for people wanting up to date information about our events. But with the help of marketing techniques, we were able to post relevant information quickly so that we can focus on our other tasks.


Identifying Targets with Marketing Techniques

Our art events at the Depot were made a lot more popular due to identifying the right target audiences such as artists, people interested in art and those who were looking for upcoming events to go to in Edinburgh. As a result, more people interested in art were able to attend our events.