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Some of the Best Art Galleries across Glasgow: Places to Visit

Art galleries are very interesting places to visit as you find out a lot of information about the different art styles used, many famous artists and where they get their inspiration from. There are loads of different galleries to visit around Glasgow where you can see all kinds of art ranging from paintings, sculptures and models along with many other styles. At the Ambulance Depot, we have visited a number of galleries across Glasgow. After our trips to each gallery, we decided to make a list of some that we think all art lovers would enjoy.


art galleries across glasgow painting with sculpture

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

One of the galleries worth visiting in Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. There is a range of amazing paintings and sculptures to view across this gallery. At Kelvingrove, there are multiple rooms where you can see the different types of art as well as learn some information about them. The Kelvingrove is also a museum so there are multiple exhibits that you can view. Families can enjoy a day out at the art gallery because there are so many things to see and there are many fun activities for children to take part in.

Best Art Galleries across Glasgow: Gallery of Modern Art


The Gallery of Modern Art is located in Glasgow city centre. Plenty of exhibitions are to be seen such as paintings and sculptures. This gallery is also free to enter which is why many people feel it is one of the best galleries in Glasgow. This is because you can have a look at all the different exhibits and entertain all the family for no cost. There is also a gift shop in the gallery which means you can buy something to keep as a memory from your visit.

art galleries across glasgow family looking at painting

The Lighthouse Gallery

The Lighthouse gallery is a great place to go to when looking at different types of art. At the Lighthouse you can hire a venue and use one of the many rooms to display pictures and sculptures in.  There is also a gift shop where you can buy jewellery and items for your home that is inspired by the famous designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.