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How Digital Marketing Edinburgh Boosted Awareness of Our Brand

Here at the Old Ambulance Depot, we pride ourselves in being one of the most versatile creative spaces in Edinburgh. Over the years we have housed a number of exhibitions for new artists with many referring to our space as the ultimate spot for launching a successful career in the arts. From photography to sculpture, the Old Ambulance Depot is the perfect venue for showcasing creative pieces. However, recently we have found it difficult to get our numbers up for public entry. Part of the struggle of up and coming artists is getting the exposure they need from critics and public alike. So, we hired a professional digital marketing Edinburgh company to help raise brand awareness.

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Smarter Digital Marketing

After having a look at the website of this highly recommended digital marketing agency, we knew that it was the partnership we had been searching for. Smarter Digital Marketing (SDM) has been implementing innovative and creative digital campaigns for clients for four years now. One of the biggest attractions for us was the variety of industries within which SDM’s clients work. From the city centre restaurants to high-end aesthetic medicine clinics to road work companies, SDM truly can handle any client no matter how big or small. At the Old Ambulance Depot we love supporting young artists who are at the beginning of their careers and we are inspired by all different types of art. Therefore, a digital agency that is young and works with a variety of industries is the perfect match for us.


Digital Marketing Edinburgh

The thing about digital marketing Edinburgh is vast competition. Edinburgh is a city filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, galleries and tourist attractions, with each and everyone fighting tooth and nail to win the time and money of students and tourists alike. In a digital fuelled world, what is the best way to achieve this? If you don’t have the skills or resources to manage yourself then you enlist the professional services of a digital marketing agency. Not only is there stiff competition amongst venues but there is stiff competition amongst local agencies.

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Why Choose Smarter Digital Marketing?

The team at SDM are experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) which is the cornerstone of developing your digital footprint. In order to get your website ranking in the top results of Google’s search engine (an essential position to hold if you want to get substantial website visits), your site needs to be optimised. This could involve anything from changing the design, re-writing the content, or even re-writing every URL, title and Meta description on the entire site. Depending on the size and current state of your website, this could take a couple of months. However, the difference in website traffic from being at the top of page one, compared with page two or three and so on, is astonishing. By implementing SEO and launching compelling social media campaigns we were able to boost brand awareness and increase the number of people walking through our doors at every event since.