About The Old Ambulance Station

We are an art establishment based within the heart of Edinburgh. We acquired the old ambulance depot several years ago and have kept it alive by renovating the building and featuring art as well as art exhibitions within its walls. Since we moved into the old ambulance depot we have become an established art organisation and often attend events around the country.  We invite local as well as national artists to come into our building and share the work space.

When we originally decided to acquire this building we didn’t fully realise the history behind it. The old ambulance depot has been around for just shy of 80 years and has seen thousands and thousands of ambulances and medical vehicles pass through it on emergency callouts .  Upon moving into the property we were confronted with peeling wallpaper , old lockers , a large garage depot area big enough to fit the equivalent of two double decker buses and plenty of storage space.

Our vision with this place is to provide an open art and work space to host exhibitions , provide a space for local artists and overall help to contribute to the history of Edinburgh. To date we have had tens of thousands of visitors from across the globe , artists and local people. Part of our success has been down to the exposure we got in local news by buying the property and doing our best to do it up. We also made this website/blog to gain more exposure and followers online.

If you would like to know more about us or have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! we would love to hear from you.